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Royal Spoonbill Coasters


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I first (very excitedly) saw this bird in the NT. Then got home to Sydney to run past it in Parramatta Park! Hanging with the bin chickens! I went back the next day and took some pics to sketch.
Spoonbills are Native to Australia and found in wetland areas with water less than 40cm deep. Their bill has vibration detectors so they can feel prey in murky water and feed with their sweeping action by day and night eating freshwater fish and also shrimp

These coasters features a classic corkwood underside and a glossy finish on the top for gorgeous looks. Get either the single pack or the four-pack to best match your needs.

.: Size: 9.5 x 9.5cm (3.7″ x 3.7″) round shape

.: Hardboard top with Glossy, smooth surface and Classic corkwood bottom

.: Available as 1 piece or set of 4


  Square Round
Width, cm 9.50 9.50
Height, cm 9.50 9.50


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