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Willie Wagtail Coasters


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Willie Wagtails are found all around mainland Australia and we are lucky to have one live near us in suburbia. I love watching it flutter about on the ground catching insects, wagging its tail side to side. The males have white eyebrows and use them to attract a female. The pair build a cup shaped nest together which is kept neat by surrounding with woven spiders webs. In aboriginal cultures they’re thought of as eavesdroppers, gossiping around camp

These coasters features a classic corkwood underside and a glossy finish on the top for gorgeous looks. Get either the single pack or the four-pack to best match your needs.

.: Size: 9.5 x 9.5cm (3.7″ x 3.7″) round shape

.: Hardboard top with Glossy, smooth surface and Classic corkwood bottom

.: Available as 1 piece or set of 4


  Square Round
Width, cm 9.50 9.50
Height, cm 9.50 9.50


Weight N/A


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