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Rainbow Bee-Eater Coasters


Being a beekeeper, I really shouldn’t like this bird …but it’s SO BEAUTIFUL! Rainbow Bee-Eaters are an Australian Native bird, which is super colourful as the name suggests, with long tail streamers. They are immune to bee venom but when they catch Bees and Wasps, the venom glands and stingers are removed by rubbing the insect against the branch.


We first saw this bird in Litchfield NP in the NT and then found out it’s a Migratory species which live in southern areas of Australia in Summer, to nest in underground tunnels which they create, and move to the northern warmer areas over winter.

These coasters features a classic corkwood underside and a glossy finish on the top for gorgeous looks. Get either the single pack or the four-pack to best match your needs.

.: Size: 9.5 x 9.5cm (3.7″ x 3.7″) round shape

.: Hardboard top with Glossy, smooth surface and Classic corkwood bottom

.: Available as 1 piece or set of 4


  Square Round
Width, cm 9.50 9.50
Height, cm 9.50 9.50


Weight N/A


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