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Rainbow Bee-Eater Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Standard Lid


Being a beekeeper, I really shouldn’t like this bird …but it’s SO BEAUTIFUL! Rainbow Bee-Eaters are an Australian Native bird, which is super colourful as the name suggests, with long tail streamers. They are immune to bee venom but when they catch Bees and Wasps, the venom glands and stingers are removed by rubbing the insect against the branch.


We first saw this bird in Litchfield NP in the NT and then found out it’s a Migratory species which live in southern areas of Australia in Summer, to nest in underground tunnels which they create, and move to the northern warmer areas over winter.

Quench your thirst in style with this stainless steel water bottle. Available in 3x sizes (12oz, 18oz, 32oz) this water bottle features a double-wall stainless steel build that keeps your drinks frosty for 24h and soothingly hot for 12h. This BPA-free, steel water bottle comes with a twist-on lid for easy sipping, making it excellent for daily use at work, at college, in the car, and beyond.

.: Materials: 100% stainless steel (body), 100% polypropylene (lid)
.: BPA-free, twist-on lid
.: Available in three sizes: 12oz (0.35 l), 18oz (0.53 l) and 32oz (0.95l)
.: Double-wall stainless steel construction

  12oz 18oz 32oz
Height, cm 18.54 23.62 25.91
Diameter, cm 7.30 7.30 9.00


Weight N/A


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